Who am I?

I'm passionate about software. I have been programming since I was a child, starting in BASIC, moving to Pascal, C++, VB6, then .NET.

While my career started in the desktop space at Toro, the majority of my career has been in the web space. I started building APIs in Python back in 2012. When I joined Veridicus Health, I continued developing in Python but also built systems in C# and PHP. I have learned many web frameworks, including Pyramid, Laravel, C# MVC, and JavaScript frameworks like Angular. Recently, while still developing, I have also been focusing more on the architecture of applications. While I was a team lead, I was responsible for architecture, creating software development policies, ensure the SDLC was being met, etc…


I currently work for Cricut, based out of South Jordan. I help maintain several systems, ranging from APIs to websites to a desktop application. I am also involved with re-architecting existing services into more microservices, mentoring junior developers, ensuring code quality is being met, and interfacing with stakeholders and product owners to ensure our software is built and delivered correctly and in a timely manner.

Favorite Tools

I have become proficient in a wide variety of tools, but my favorites would have to be Visual Studio, Vim, and Git (via the command line). I can quickly learn any new tool as needed.

Notable Projects

At Rain Master/Toro I developed a desktop call management client in C#, using a SQL Server database backend. This was a fun project and I learned a lot doing it. The company used this software in their Tech Support department for many years, tracking phone calls and issues.

At Rain Master/Toro I took ownership of a large desktop application written in VB .NET. I fixed many bugs and added features to the application.

At Deseret-Tech I developed a JSON API in Python using the Pyramid Web Framework, with a PostgreSQL database backend. All development was done in Arch Linux using Vim. I learned a lot doing this project and became proficient in Linux, Vim, Python, and MVC. This API communicated with an Android application that managed punch cards for businesses.

At Verdicus Health I developed a JSON and XML authentication API in Python/Pyramid. The idea was to prevent the users of our websites from having to log into each of our websites with a separate login for each website. With this API, users can visit all of our websites without having to log into each of them (Single Sign On).

At Veridicus Health I developed an intranet application focusing on AngularJS. The backend is a C# API, while the front end is pure AngularJS. This was an exciting project and is always fun learning a new tool. The one page application replaced many tools that employees used to use that were old and not nearly as proficient.